More Stripes.

29 July 2014 · 22 Comments

I'm a fan of any outfit that I can chuck on with five minutes to spare and still look presentable, and that's exactly what this one is. My American Apparel Skinny Jeans have been my favourite pair to wear since I first got hold of them, the fit is incredibly flattering, and although tight, is really comfortable. Unfortunately, being annoyingly tall, they aren't quite long enough, but if I roll them up once or twice at the bottom, it looks like they are meant to be that way, and it's also perfect for summer and warmer weather, when you don't want to be wearing a full length jean. My top is a newer purchase from Hollister, somewhere that I don't usually tend to shop, but I had a gift voucher so I thought I would look around. This striped top really spoke out to me, probably because I am a crazy stripe obsessed lady, but the fine knit makes it perfect for this interchangeable weather we are having, and the fit is really flattering too. Together, they make the perfect outfit, timeless, classic and elegant, without being try-hard at all, I love it!

What do you think of this outfit?

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The Barely There Shoe.

27 July 2014 · 27 Comments

I've been seeing shoes like these on the feet of fashionista's for a while now, and it's not really much surprise why - just look at them, they're gorgeous. An elegant cross toe design, with a thin strap around the ankle and not much else, these scream chic, whilst the chunky heel also lends some level of practicality - and comfort, the most important thing, right? - to the whole ordeal. So easy to style, I'm pretty sure I could chuck these on with an outfit and they would go, instantly making an outfit seem much more elegant and refined. In fact, they've hardly removed themselves from my feet once in the last couple of weeks when I was doing work experience - and minus the tottering at the start, whilst I got used to wearing heels again, I can speak with authority when I say that they are the most comfortable heels ever. I maybe a little late to hop on the trend, but now that I have started, there are many more colours, including a gorgeous silver pair and a couple of pastels that I have my eye on. I picked up my pair from New Look, and they came in at £35 - update: unfortunately all sold out now - and although the price may be a little higher than that of others in there, the quality is lovely (real leather here folks!) and they are still considerably less than others such as the infamous Zara version. 

What do you think of these? Are you a fan of shoes like this?

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Make your Mani Last.

25 July 2014 · 17 Comments

Whilst the colours that grace my nails get quite a lot of press on this here blog, it recently occurred to me that perhaps the actual reason that they perform so well is because of a couple of behind the scenes products that protect, shine and perfect my nail polish, transforming it from the ordinary to extraordinary. 

For me, painting my nails has become a once weekly Sunday affair, and it never has to be more than this, because I know that if I spend enough time on it, my nails can last that whole week, seemingly no matter the quality of the colour polish. As a base, I use my Sally Hansen Double Duty, which helps prime the nail, ready for nail polish application. It dries quickly, with a velvet-y feel finish (main reason why I don't use it as a top coat as well) which really helps the colour adhere, almost 'sticking' it down, and ensuring that you get that long lasting finish, without staining the nail underneath. For top coat, it couldn't be anything other than Seche Vite Top Coat, which I have completely fallen in love with. Best used when the polish is still slightly wet, you can just dob a bit of this on, and brush it gently over the nail, which smooths out the colour (perfect for any slightly streaky formulas that you may own) as well as providing a finish as glossy as glass, and something that will trick everyone into thinking that you shelled out for gel nails. 

A bit like a security blanket, I rely on my base and top coat to protect my mani, and therefore think it is worth investing a little more into them if you really want your mani to last. Although my picks still aren't expensive when compared with other beauty products, it can be a pain when there are so many cheaper options out there, but if you want to make it last, I don't think there is any option. 

What are you thoughts, do you pay slightly more for base and top coats to help your manicure to last?

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Skincare Routine.

23 July 2014 · 23 Comments

My skin is in a pretty good place right now, and I'm pretty sure it's mainly down to keeping a fairly regularly skin care routine up. Nothing too complicated, because I know I would forget and give up, but just enough to treat it well, address the issues and keep it in tip top condition. My skin's a mixture of everything, dry, oily - basically combination - although leaning more towards the oily side now that it is becoming hotter, is it only me who prefers their skin like this? Never the less, I think I have found the right balance of products to create that perfect middle ground, so without further ado I will show you what I have been using as of late!

Evening: It may seem a bit of an odd way round to start the post with my evening products, but since this is where the bulk of the skincare routine happens, it just made sense. I start by removing all my makeup with Lush's Ultrabland, a solid oil cleansing balm which literally melts off makeup and grime, I massage it into my skin and then to remove use a muslin cloth run under hot water, hold it to my face for a couple of seconds and then wipe gently off. Not a trace of makeup is left on my skin, and is left feeling very nourished, and not at all stripped like other cleansers can tend to leave you feeling. After drying my face with a a towel, to prevent spots, and fight the ones that have already arrived I apply my 'Off with their Heads Serum' - which also wins the prize for best name ever! This sinks into the skin really quickly, leaving a cool refreshing feeling, and manages to clear things up within a day or two - a pretty miraculous product. To finish off, I just use a couple of pumps of my Elemis Dream Sleep moisturiser all over to keep the skin hydrated and any dry patches at bay - this also has the added bonus of being lightly lavender scented, which helps me drift off with easy - perfect for those of us who are a bit sleep challenged. 

Morning: My routine for the mornings takes a little less time (although my evening routine in itself isn't that time intensive - a couple of minutes tops) because I need something that I can quickly do before I have to rush out the door. To begin with, I use my L'Oreal Micellar Water on a cotton pad to refresh my skin, and clean it quickly from any dirt that may be on it. To try and shrink some of the puffiness around my eyes, I use Elemis's Tired Eyes Gel, which is really cooling and helps to minimise any 'baggage' that I have going on. Finally, a light moisturiser gets slapped on, I love the b:liv Soothe and Splash, mainly just so any base that I have on sits better, but also to give that little bit of extra sun protection. 

Extras: A couple of times a week, either when I have the time or feel like a pamper, there are a couple of extra steps that I like to add to really target the problems that my skin is facing. This changes up all the time, since my skin is always needs different things, but one thing is for certain - that there will always be a LUSH face mask involved. My favourite at the moment is the Mask of Magnaminty, a peppermint mask which works at reducing spots and manually exfoliating, but when in need of a little more moisture, I love Oatifix.

I recognise that everyone's skin care routines vary drastically and although this may seem like overkill to some, for others it may be disgustingly little. A bit like goldilocks though, for me, this is the perfect amount and my skin seems to be happy with it too. Is your skincare routine similar, what are your miracle products?

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Who is the Fairest of them All?

20 July 2014 · 33 Comments

In the superficial world of beauty products, what you look like, counts - and if your shell isn't pretty, the harsh reality is that no-one is going to buy you. We all try not to, but at the end of the day, if the packaging of a product is beautiful, it will make us want it even more, and if not, it can be the final push in the wrong direction. I try not to make too many decisions based on packaging alone, but there are a fair few in my stash that I know I probably wouldn't have purchased if not for that shining exterior. 

Few beauty packages excite me as much as the casing of a lipstick. At the time of writing, my YSL Rouge Volupte Lipstick is currently lost somewhere - probably in my handbag somewhere *cries* - but no doubt the icy gold, intricately carved, heavy and satisfyingly clicky tube would have to come absolutely top of my favouritely packaged lipsticks. Second place is hotly contested by the gorgeous rose-y plastic Dior Lip Glow case, the unique top gives it that extra special feel, and the stunningly sheek black and gold of the Chanel lipsticks

But it isn't exclusively the high-end stuff that holds my heart when it comes to pretty packaging. The Revlon Lip Butters are one of my favourites, I love the cute quilted effect, and the fact you can see exactly what it is by the colour on the outside of the tube. It maybe a little more childish than that of its more expensive counterpoints, but also a lot more fun too. Another would have to be the L'Oreal Rouge Caresses, where the simple design teamed with gold details makes them look really expensive, in my opinion. And finally, the middle man, MAC, which kind of bridges the gap between the two markets. I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with these, because, whilst I love the shape of the packaging to look at, they are such a pain to store whilst being able to tell which colour is housed inside and it not toppling over - I'm still undecided as to whether they should be here or not. 

So there you go, a run down of my favouritely packaged lipsticks, and a depressing insight into how obsessed I am with beauty that I actually make lists of this kind of thing. Do you do the same, are there any products that you really love the packaging of?

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Summer Reads.

19 July 2014 · 31 Comments

I love reading, really I do, but naturally during term time when everything gets busy, it kind of takes a back seat. This summer, I have set myself the goal of reading lots more books, because it is something that really relaxes me, and that I really enjoy, yet seems to be something I neglect to do a lot of the time. It's been going well so far, I've already finished a couple of books during my commutes to and from London for work experience, and by the end of the summer I'm hoping to have ticked every book off my book bucket list - but we'll see how we go with that one. Oh, and there's that reading list the size of a small library I have to complete for school. I'm not looking forward to tackling that one quite as much...

Currently Reading // To Read: 

Kindle: Gone Girl // Virgin Suicides

Book: The Maze Runner // Looking for Alaska (second time but I love it so much!) 
// Fangirl // Eleanor and Park // More than This //

What are you reading at the moment? Anything that you would recommend?

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